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            Here we go again, the plight of the black community being carried out in the public eye of the beholders. It appears that designer Gucci has ruffled the feathers of a community that it doesn’t support, nor does it commit a direct line of marketing to (unless you want to count the “oh so” important influence of the Black Entertainer that keeps the Black Community in enslaved to debt by chasing impractical thought processes). Here enters a $900 black face sweater that somehow slipped through the cracks of a major corporation’s design team, marketing team, and analytics team. Hmm, coincidence. Maybe, maybe not, but it does make you ask the question; Do you think it was done on purpose to keep a certain demographic of people out of their product? It’s not beyond the pale. But maybe that’s where this community, the Black Community needs a good reality check. I mean a real hard look in the mirror and ask ourselves; Why do we continue to patronize and glorify entities that want absolutely nothing to do with our community? Why do we have to be accepted and fit in the world of their business, instead of being in the business of our creation.


            Insert drama here…. Gucci Mayweather and T.boycott.I, two powerful Black Men, that aside from the ignorance of playing a distractive feud out in public for the oppressive establishment to have a good hearty laugh at, both have very real and honest perspectives to this very touchy topic. To boycott or not to boycott, this is the question.  But who are you asking this question of T.I., is this a question that is really being asked as a community as a whole or just to your peers that patronizes this company on a frequent basis and on a much grander scale, what is the fluid plan for the boycott instead of the emotional reaction for the boycott? I’m with you on the demand for corporate America and America as a whole to have respect for the Black currency and buying power but why not be with a permanent boycott. Why not give all of your Gucci or whatever product line that has devalued the Black community away to the homeless, I am willing to bet that the gesture would garner way more attention than a boycott that over half of the black community wouldn’t even recognize because of the income disparity. Why can I say this, because all of these corporations have images that they want to protect. So, do these high-end designers really want their product on a homeless person? Sad reality but that is the American and corporate mentality. Childish Gambino, "This is America". Maybe that’s just me that expects the so-called pillars of the Black Community to actually stand for creation in the black consciousness instead of the chasing and fulfilling of the oppressor’s inclusion. So even the dead clock is right twice day, even if it is telling the time of the clown show.  


            When does the Black community stop seeking the same old solutions to the same old problems? When does the Black community stop demoralizing the clown and see what’s behind the clown’s mask? Gucci Mayweather, absolutely put on a clown show, but we all know we can’t just stop with him. How, may in the Black community still patronize the waffle house, beauty supply stores and salons that disrespect the women of the black community, the corner stores that consistently have a hand in initiating the killing of the black community by the hands of law enforcement. When do we stop desiring their communities and relishing in their company and focus on taking the hate out the hearts and minds of our young black boys and men? When do we issue our own forms of prison reform by getting with the real men in the prison system and teaching and raising each young black face that lines that concrete box? The establishment will not want to imprison a person with the real thought of rehabilitation. When do we stop putting our foolishness out for the masses to see? This are the real questions that needs to be asked. Maybe it time to boycott us. Boycott the very thought of our destructive nature towards each other. But who am I? Clearly just a Black Man without a voice being underrepresented by powerful Black voices spewing fruitless rhetoric on influenced ears seeing through blind eyes. In short who really cares about what Gucci does, they clearly do not care, so why should we give them the short term slap on the wrist. What is the real move. Better yet, what is the next move. I'll wait. 

Lyfe M.y. Riley

IG @m.y.4everkynglyfe

Lyfe M.y. Riley

IG @m.y.4everKyngLyfe