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The 20 Most Admirable Companies of 2018

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Admirable. What makes a company deserving of such a word and the levels of high
esteem or dashing wonder placed upon it? Is it the ability to shift with the cultural
technological current in order to always stay ahead? How does one define which
company is worthy of such an honor? Can it be found in employee satisfaction,
customer retention, growth, scalability, or market impact? What is it that gives us
that WOW factor and who is doing the voting?

Each year the Korn Ferry institute works together with thousands of executives,
directors, and analysts to identify the criteria in a nine-prong test. The findings are
taken by a survey of those who work for the companies listed at the highest level. So
what is most important in evaluating the most admirable enterprises of our time?
Factors examined include the company’s social responsibility, innovativeness,
investment value, management quality, ability to attract and retain talent and much
more. After narrowing down the list to 50, it is submitted to Fortune to be displayed
each year. Let’s talk about the first three as we look over the top 20 most admirable
companies of 2018.

1. Apple
It’s not enough that consumers can’t get enough of Apple’s innovative marketing,
and cutting edge technology; neither can their workforce. This is the in-place to
work! Buying an apple product aligns you with the brand and respected position in
the marketplace, and had it not been for apples advancing tech we may not have as
much access to tablets and audio players. Apple has changed the landscape of
premium computers and electronics and they are indeed also internally revered.

2. Amazon
With the year that Amazon had in acquiring Whole Foods and also expanding to
online grocery delivery, they are changing the game. They are living their mission,
ensuring their customers have access to discover anything they desire online –
including food. Well done Mr. Bezos. 

3. Berkshire Hathaway
Berkshire Hathaway is not just a holding company it is THE holding company for
multiple business, with Warren Buffet as the CEO and Chairman. Initially known just
for insurance subsidiaries, this company now holds billions of dollars of stock in
Wells Fargo, Apple, Bank of America, Coca-cola, just to name a few.

4. Walt Disney

5. Starbucks

6. Microsoft

7. Alphabet (google parent company)

8. Netflix

9. JP Morgan Chase

10. FedEx

11. Southwest Airlines

12. Costco Wholesale

13. Nike

14. Salesfroce

15. Coca-Cola

16. American Express

17. Johnson & Johnson

18. Singapore Airlines

19. Boeing

20. Nordstrom



Dante Moore

Dante Moore

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