Prada : Black faces?

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Prada Tried It!

By: Cherisse Cannon

Chileeee, apparently Prada has TRIED IT! The most recent release of one of their key chained trinkets has released and the Culture is not here for it. The Otto-Toto trinket is monkey like image with large red lips. This visual has been used in history for a racist representation of black people. This new trinket is apart of Prada’s new collection of trinkets “Pradamalia”. This group of trinkets is supposed to represent a part animal part robot like creature. Call it what you want, but it looked as if this was some type of replication of black face images. A representative from Prada released a statement informing that the trinkets are to be removed off of the market and no longer sold. Prada says they do not condone racism of any kind and we won’t be seeing Otto-Toto on any displays anymore. Facebook user, Chinyere Ezie is calling for a boycott and twitter user, @monicaredwards tweets,” I’m fuming, I guess the devil actually does wear Prada!! Boycott Prada! @prada #boycottprada #racism #prada”

 I don’t know y’all something ain’t right, but Prada seems to be on damage control. Who bought this and thought it was okay?! The culture needs answers! 

Are you seeing any redemption for Prada? Has H&M been saved yet? Macy’s? No?

Oh Okay!



Cherisse Cannon