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Life Lessons I Learned From Star Wars The Last Jedi

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Have you seen Star Wars The Last Jedi?

It is the latest addition in the epic Skywalker saga in the Star Wars universe.

The movie is visually appealing, full of beautiful color choice, unique looking creatures, fun new planets to explore, and thought-provoking scenes between our heroes and newcomers.  For those of you who are late to the party on the Millennium Falcon, the previous film Star Wars The Force Awakens brought us back to the galaxy far, far, away. Where a new hero and new antagonist had emerged with whom the force has become awaken in. 

The new antagonist comes through the bloodline of the most popular family in all the universe of whom the original trilogy centered around. Anakin Skywalker, also known as Darth Vader as the main antagonist and Luke Skywalker the main hero. The new protagonist, Rey, is surrounded by mystery, which was followed with much fan theory and speculation of who she really was and how she connects to our heroes we have all become so fond of in the original trilogy. She was so powerful with the force, she even knew how to do Jedi mind treats and bested the villain Kylo Ren is who is a direct descendant of Darth Vader himself!

So who was this girl, what makes her so special? Fan theories were so out of this world, varying from believing her being made by the force to her being a Skywalker herself.

Others begin to get a little more creative but the one thing they all had in common was the belief that for her to be the hero she must come from someone special we had already been introduced to.

I think this too is true in life. We are constantly told that it’s not what you know it’s who you know. We are often referenced by our affiliation or association. In social circles what you do is too often the first question people ask as if your job or title is what defines you. It is simply their way of trying to figure out if you are someone special or not by their standards.

Spoilers ahead, The Last Jedi is amazing and does a lot of new things that critics agree made for a fantastic movie but the casual movie-goer is divisive on.

The Last Jedi was very reminiscing of the very first Star Wars film, titled a New Hope.

In a New Hope, Luke Skywalker is introduced to the audience working on a moisture farm. Living with his aunt and uncle. A seemingly nobody, with nothing special about him. We later come to find out in the trilogy that he is more than meets the eye, that this character who seems to not be so special turns out to be very special! We would come to learn that he the son to Anakin Skywalker the strongest Jedi who ever lived and now the most feared Sith Lord in the Galaxy. Luke found out him being a Skywalker made him very special.

However, in The last Jedi Rey, the main protagonist is introduced to us, a girl who is a fighter and is particularly strong with the force. She is special and must come from someone special. The Last Jedi however, turns this premise on its ear as it is revealed that this special person, Rey, may actually not be special at all. Not in the way we thought. Not in the way of coming through the bloodline of someone as special as the Skywalkers, or even a Kenobi or a Solo.

It creatives a new way too few our heroes, one that says you do not have to come from a powerful family or a famous family, or a wealthy family. Nor do you have to know all the right people to be special and do something special. Be a Rey in a galaxy of people dying to be a Vader. Doing something special that is what makes you special. Because we all have a force waiting to be awaken inside of us.

Dion Ringgold

Dion Ringgold

Philadelphia native, yes, West Philadelphia, born and raised, to Overbrook High, to La Salle University. Dion, is homegrown and a product of the rich culture that is Philly. Leadership, management and training professional, Dion grew up aspiring to be a cartoonist. Creating original characters and writing stories for them. Art and literature has always been his passion. Dion would write stories and create good characters that would be positive people. Now the founder and Editor in Chief of InClub millennial life and style magazine, Dion is still doing just that. Highlighting character over celebrity, Dion, is still displaying positive people, and sill doing art, but through the art form of style. Dion is also a conference Speaker, visionary, personal stylist and movie enthusiast. Dion considers Blake Mycoskie as his greatest inspiration in business and is a devote Christian.