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November 02, 20172210Shares

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Comedian, director and screen writer, Jordan Peele has just released his debut film Get Out to raving reviews. It is a 99% certified fresh on Rotten Tomatoes which is no easy feat, Zach Snyder can attest to that. Get out is arguably the best horror thriller to come out within the last 10 years! The movie exposed social demons, a complying story and great comedic timing while managing to scare the heck out of us. Get out is a box office success with little known cast in a genre that has been horrific during a time where original films in Hollywood seem to be a tougher sell, Jordan Peele takes a stab at it and breaks through his comfort zone while doing so.



Some of us are more afraid of getting out of our comfort zone then we were of the movie Get Out. The excuse most common is that it’s not “my personality”. News flash, your purpose may not always match your personality. All throughout history we find those that have accomplished great things often had to get out of their comfort zone. A psalmist took a stab at facing his giants and became legend.  

The key to getting away from the personality crutch is preparation. Getting out of your comfort zone will take preparation, which causes you to stop being lazy. We get lazy in our comfort zone, like actors Aston Kutcher in every movie, he is either Michael Kelso or Adam Benjamin. On a scale of Dude where’s my car to no strings attached how Ashton Kutcher have you become? Get Out! You have to in order to use your voice creatively to influence the culture, for you have a vision only you can see, and a word that no one can say quite like you.

Michael Jordan was bent on playing baseball professionally he stepped out of his comfort zone and become the single greatest and recognizable Basketball player of all-time. Jordin Sparks steps out of her comfort zone becomes the youngest American idol winner and Michael B. Jordan steps out of his comfort zone and plays Johnny Storm...wait, sorry bad example.

But the other Jordan’s are prime examples including Jordan Peele. The direction and story we have to tell is so rich, powerful and soo big it just does not fit in a comfort zone. You may think because that is not your personality to be speak up that you will not be any good or useful. Jordan Peele is a comedian who stepped out to tell a story he thought was important to tell.

You may think you do not have all the resources to do whatever it is on the outside of your comfort zone. Jordan Peele had no big name cast and a moderate budget. Your story, your testimony will rescue people from their sunken place if you get out and take a stab at it. You already have everything you need, direction, a story, and a supporting cast, action.

Dion Ringgold

Dion Ringgold

Philadelphia native, yes, West Philadelphia, born and raised, to Overbrook High, to La Salle University. Dion, is homegrown and a product of the rich culture that is Philly. Leadership, management and training professional, Dion grew up aspiring to be a cartoonist. Creating original characters and writing stories for them. Art and literature has always been his passion. Dion would write stories and create good characters that would be positive people. Now the founder and Editor in Chief of InClub millennial life and style magazine, Dion is still doing just that. Highlighting character over celebrity, Dion, is still displaying positive people, and sill doing art, but through the art form of style. Dion is also a conference Speaker, visionary, personal stylist and movie enthusiast. Dion considers Blake Mycoskie as his greatest inspiration in business and is a devote Christian.