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How Millennials Prefer To Shop

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It is not Cash Money Records taking over for the '99 & the 2000; it is 2017 and technology is advancing rapidly, which means we, Millennials are taking advantage of this new found advancement.

With that being said, how many of use see advertisements through our social medias such as, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook etc.?  I, for one, could not scroll more than three post on Instagram without with out coming across endorsement adds from, Fashion Nova, Smash Box, Nike, Mac, Marc Jacobs, OPI Products, Mac Fisher, etc, all of which I purchased from through online shopping. With attention to Endorsements, since we are on the topic, these manufactures also have our favorite celebrities promote their products as well, and I must say I am very guilty of buying products just because some of my favorite InstaCelebs posted the product on their page.

Furthermore, studies show how and what Millennials rely upon when shopping. Needless to say, smartphones are a primary means to connect to the Internet (hints Apps such as, Groupon, Amazon, Forever21, etc.) Next, social media is number one for shopping information (Millennials are using it as their primary source to find and hear about products, special deals and shopping news.) It is important to remember, Millennials are sensitive to price (95 percent of respondents said they have more or the same sensitivity to price.) With that being said, the usage of Google and Amazon are favorites for comparing prices on smartphones for our generation. Millennials prefer higher-value rebates to instant discounts across shopping categories (millennial indicated they would choose a higher-value rebate offer over an instant discount.) For this reason, Millennials will consider "Buy Online, Pickup In Store" as an incentive (88 percent of Millennials say they would consider buying online and picking up in store to save $10 on a $50 item). Gift cards are believed to be safest for online shopping (64 percent of Millennials believe that gift cards are safer to use online than any other digital payment method) In particular, Millennials embrace loyalty programs such as Starbucks rewards etc. (69 percent belong to a retail loyalty program, and 70 percent of those are happy with their programs.), according to the Entrepreneur website.

Generally speaking, myself included, the information that the Entrepreneur website seems to hit the nail in the head. Our generation happens to land in the new aged technology world, which can help and or persuade us to purchase items efficiently.

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