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Growing up there was nothing comic book related that I wanted to witness more than seeing Batman Vs Superman; and Holy Batmobile, in 2016 I got my wish with Zach Snyder’s Batman V Superman. The epic showdown of all time, showcasing the world’s greatest heroes all came together bringing every comic book lovers dreams come true. The movie got underwhelming critical acclaim and audience alike being very divisive on the movie. However, most agreed we may have gotten the best version of both Bruce Wayne and Batman ever in Ben Affleck, aka Batleck.

Ben Affleck hot off his Oscar for Argo gave us a Batman that exceeded expectations.

He was so awesome as The Batman, Warner Bros confirmed him writing and directing a solo Batman project titled The Batman. Since then a lot has happened to our hero and dark knight; one is the Batman project was pushed back and all scripts for it canned and Ben officially no longer directing the movie or writing it. On the heels of the Justice League movie we get news from Ben Affleck himself stating he had admitted himself into rehab for his alcohol addiction.

With the whirlwind of seemingly daily news on the DCEU and Batman there are even rumors that he will no longer don the cap and cowl after we see him in the Justice League movie.

Many of us were sadden by the news, but this news got me thinking about our heroes.

The feeling felt like an awakening in the force and I realized maybe our heroes disappear because in their time of need they have no heroes to go to.

When we see Superman we do not think about his vulnerabilities only his strength and we do the same with people we view as super strong, or seem to have a lot going for themselves the same way. We never bat an eye at the fact that even Batman is only human and could be dealing with issues deeper than the Bat cave that all the money in Wayne Enterprise cannot fix.

We love our heroes, we love them for their powers, we love them for their customs, we love them for their toughness or catch-phrases. But often the reason we love our heroes most is because they are actually just human. Batman and Spiderman are the two most popular comic book characters and their mass appeal is their humanity. So since we know they are only human we should also be reminded they have weaknesses. Too often we wait until they are spiraling downward like Bvs Rotten Tomatoes score before we realize they could use some super friends.

We’ve had so many examples of strong people in prominent positions fall and in many instances I wonder would they have made the same decisions; could it have helped?

I cannot say for certain but I think it is fair to assume that the super people we know could benefit from us praying got them more often or just checking in on them. We do not have to lose our heroes if we see pass the mask and search for the person and realize they are just like us taking on the weight of the world to make a difference in many cases, dealing with heavy criticism and hefty expectations to always save the day. The other side of this is how easy we deem the hero a villain if they ever fall. I have a rule, that if I see a popular well-known figure that I looked up to and they fall I ask myself, have I prayed for them? Have I considered they may be going through dark times and have I put myself in their shoes to have empathy for them? If not maybe I should take a page of out the book of the only One in history to ever die for the villain and how he desired restoration over condemnation. We should want to see our heroes rise again, especially because you and I may be that hero to someone and we too will need grace to be superheroes.

Dion Ringgold

Philadelphia native, yes, West Philadelphia, born and raised, to Overbrook High, to La Salle University. Dion, is homegrown and a product of the rich culture that is Philly. Leadership, management and training professional, Dion grew up aspiring to be a cartoonist. Creating original characters and writing stories for them. Art and literature has always been his passion. Dion would write stories and create good characters that would be positive people. Now the founder and Editor in Chief of InClub millennial life and style magazine, Dion is still doing just that. Highlighting character over celebrity, Dion, is still displaying positive people, and sill doing art, but through the art form of style. Dion is also a conference Speaker, visionary, personal stylist and movie enthusiast. Dion considers Blake Mycoskie as his greatest inspiration in business and is a devote Christian.