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Stacy Ike In InClub Magazine

Stacey Ike In InClub Magazine Volume 7

Alice Walker explains, “It was the poet June Jordan who wrote, ‘We are the ones we have been waiting for.’ It later would become a song. I have witnessed thousands of people rise to their feet in joyful recognition and affirmation.” I read these words and thought to myself, there may not be a more […]

Gia Peppers In InClub Magazine

Gia Peppers In InClub Magazine Volume 7

Gia Peppers fresh off NYC Culture Con continues to amplify magical, solidifying herself as a leading face of the WE. We are the ones who we’ve been waiting for. The WE, simply put, are those who boldly strive to leave a footprint in the fresh cement of the culture. Shaping our narrative, telling our stories […]

Sydel Curry-Lee In InClub Magazine


Sydel Curry-Lee, formerly known as Sydel Curry, Elon volleyball superstar, daughter to NBA legend Dell Curry and sister to current NBA superstar Stephen Curry is living high on life right now. The newlywed is enjoying being a wife to her rising NBA star husband Damion Lee, fresh on the heels of her first bug event […]

Dr. Eric Mason In InClub Magazine

Dr. Eric Mason In InClub Magazine Volume 6

In today’s culture the establishment of church may not hold the same reverence it once did. Oddly enough it’s still the only establishment held to the highest standard of meeting pressing needs in the communities they are in. The church is known to be a lot of things, woke has never been one of them. […]

Sydel Curry In InClub Magazine

Sydel Curry-InClub Magazine-Michael Kors Dress

I landed in San Francisco at 12:30pm pacific time. I take an Uber to the Peerspace studio I booked in South of Market. If you are from the Bay Area, you know what I only found out upon my arrival, and that is, that SOM might just be the worst area in San Francisco I […]

Koryn Hawthorne In InClub Magazine

Koryn Hawthorne In InClub Magazine Volume 3

Many people may recognize Koryn Hawthorne as the songbird from the hit singing competition The Voice. She has sung alongside people like Adam Levin and partnered on music with the likes of Pharrell. But her voice was found long before that. We had the distinct pleasure to have an exclusive interview with the this rising star, […]

Laurie Hernandez In InClub Magazine

Laurie Hernandez In InClub Magazine Volume 3

The 2016 Rio Olympics were historic!! From the representation of black and brown girls to the dominance of the same, especially in the gymnastic field. Some names that may stick out to you are Gabby Douglas, Simone Blies and Laurie Hernandez. It was an incredible display of perfection and poise. Team USA was surely well […]

Brelyn Bowman In InClub Magazine

Brelyn Bowmen In InClub Magazine Volume 3

Funny story, I thought you were a singer as well… Just for clarity, Brelyn Bowman is not a singer, but her husband is. Brelyn Bowman is an author and speaker whose defining moment in her career came about when she revealed to her father and the world that she was still a virgin on her […]

Travis Greene In InClub Magazine

Travis Greene In InClub Magazine Volume 2

The grass is obviously greener on whichever side Travis Greene is on. Coming off of the incredibly successful album, The Hill in 2015, that came along with a No. 1 Billboard charting record, 2 Grammy nominations and 13 Stellar award nominations. Travis has been killing it for the Lord on tour and we had the […]

Janette…Ikz In InClub Magazine

Jeanette…Ika In InClub Magazine Volume 2

Janette…ikz is in her own description, a slave to Christ, wife to Matt Watson, poet, singer, emcee best known probably as a Christian spoken word artist. Best known for her poet titled “I’ll wait”. We have the privilege of an exclusive feature with us for our summer issue and thought we should give you a […]