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Key Foods Women Should Be Eating for Increased Vaginal Health


With New Year resolutions well underway, many women ( including myself ) have big plans for 2021. From new hairstyles, empowering careers, and getting back into shape, the year of the “can do it all” woman is here, and so are our vaginas. Life during Covid-19 has been quite hectic, we’ve put so much effort […]

Martin Luther King Jr. Day and the Black Women Who Helped Drive the Civil Rights Movement


As the nation celebrates Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. today, it is also worth mentioning the powerful black women who helped King catapult the civil rights movement along his journey. The history books leave out that there were women who boycotted, organized churches, and held rallies. Women who strategized with King, all of whom […]

Arranged Marriages vs. Modern Marriages

First sight

For ages arranged marriages have been the norm for many different cultures. Americans seem to lean mostly towards the traditional marry for love union. The saying goes something like “what goes around comes back around.” What would you choose, arranged or modern marriage? Arranged Marriages have had a make-over within society. They are all dressed […]

One Night in Miami… – #BlackManILoveYou

One Night in Miami one sheet 50

The night was historical. A brash, loud-mouth Cassius Clay beat the heavily favored Sonny Liston, becoming the youngest heavyweight boxing champion. The night was magical. Cassius Clay’s good friends, Jim Brown, Sam Cooke and Malcolm X, were in attendance to witness the phenomenal event. But the night, February 25, 1964, was just getting started. In […]

6 Key Elements of Biden’s American Rescue Plan

Joe Biden-InClub Magazine

Last night, president-elect Joe Biden revealed his Rescue and Recovery plan to the public. Biden calls for ‘unity’ and togetherness, urging politicians and Americans to come together and “take action” to beat the Coronvarious Pandemic. As the wealth gap increases, millions of Americans are either unemployed or have been tragically affected by the pandemic. “The […]

Ayesha Curry gives us Sweet July in January


Today, the chef-entrepreneur and founder of Sweet July lifestyle magazine, Ayesha Curry unveiled the opening of her San Francisco café also named after the magazine. Grand Opening video The announcement of the store’s grand opening comes not long after the Sweet July team faced delays to launch the start-up friendly venture due to the pandemic. […]

Creative Ways To Share Your Faith In 2021


Last year may have disrupted plans and evangelical events, but our faith persisted. Ministries from around the country dug into their creative skills and brainstormed how to effectively witness about Christ, even while having to social distance. In spite of a devastating pandemic, it could not be an excuse to regress from sharing the faith […]

Advice For Vetting ‘Social Media Experts’

Vetting Social Media Experts Story Image

It feels like we’re in the age of misinformation. Almost everything on social media is believed to be 100 percent true. And a lot of times people or accounts who post information aren’t experts in that particular field. I’ve always believed in the mantra of “read and research before you react.”  So here are three questions […]

5 Ways to Grow your Relationship with Christ


Growing in Christ should be the desire of any believer’s heart. Sometimes we face periods where we have difficulty hearing God or even perhaps just sensing His presence, but He is always near. So how can we get closer to Him and continue to be refined in our walk? I asked various faith leaders and […]

Having a Moral Compass Matters

In this photo illustration the Twitter feed of the President

And roughly 350 employees at Twitter banded together to prove that. After compiling an internal letter addressed to Twitter’s C-suite executives, employees also demanded an investigation regarding the role Twitter played in the past several years that led to last Wednesday’s catastrophe in Washington, D.C. The letter addressed the actions (or lack thereof) that were […]