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Arranged Marriages vs. Modern Marriages

For ages arranged marriages have been the norm for many different cultures. Americans seem to lean mostly towards the traditional marry for love union. The saying goes something like “what goes around comes back around.” What would you choose, arranged or modern marriage?

Arranged Marriages have had a make-over within society. They are all dressed up on television series like “Married at First Sight,” making it look cool to ditch the society norm or modern day marriage and try something new.


The Receipts on Arranged Marriages

The data is astonishing to say the least. It is estimated that over half of the marriages worldwide are arranged. If you’re wondering what kind of numbers we’re talking about, we’re talking about more 20 million of those arranged marriages still exist. Moreover, the U.S. divorce rate flutters around 40-50 percent but surprisingly arranged marriage divorce rate is only 4%.

“The biggest takeaway, whether it be in arranged or love lead situations, it is important to foster authenticity.”

Is It For You?

Who would have thought that having others find a mate could actually be more successful than the individual finding love onarranged marriages their own?

“For two people to live successfully as husband and wife they must be able to understand each other as only true companions can.  They must recognize the needs of each other and be willing to cooperate to satisfy them.”


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Although the majority of Americans won’t end up down the aisle with a complete stranger, there’s a bit of admiration for the way those are tasked with finding compatible mates.  Though methods vary from culture to culture typically the eldest family members play the primary pivotal role in arranged marriages. The vetting is handed over these family members.



“If core values match up, the rest of life is a puzzle piece that you put together as a couple.”


A Closer Look

This is much different than modern marriages where each partner is trying to learn as much as possible about a suitable mate from each other. All the questions that tend to be asked in the later part of getting to know someone are asked upfront. The best part about this is that you don’t have to do the asking. Contrary to what many think, there is typically a fair amount of information learned about each other during arranged marriages.

For instance, questions regarding how much each person earns, previous marital history and even providing bank statements that back up the assets and property to get real personal. There are some cultures that even allow the crafting of personality and characteristic questions. Primarily, the belief is that the elders know best. They will consider those questions but ultimately use class, religion and ethnicity to ensure future success and viability.

It’s important to remember that there are often many variables that influence compatibility in love and marriage, and that feelings are just a part of a much larger picture.”



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