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AMC Plan’s to Re-Open 100 of its Theaters

The wait is coming to an end as movie goers anxiously await the re-opening of AMC theaters. AMC is scheduled to begin opening about 100 theaters starting August 20, 2020. It’s not a surprise that theaters throughout the country had repeatedly delayed openings because of the spread of Corona Virus. Abreast massive spikes in positive cases in the US, the theater giant plans to have two-thirds of its theaters opened by September 2, 2020. AMC the largest theater chain in the country has about 600 locations.

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Hunkered Down

“If the pandemic taught us anything, people want to get out of their houses and apartments,” said AMC CEO Adam Aron. A trip to the hardware store or supermarket used to be an exciting excursion. Our time hunkered down during the initial onset of the Corona pandemic has everyone itching to do more than visit a park. There’s a new reason to get excited. Those films that’ve been delayed over the summer months, you’ll soon be able to see.

AMC is definitely not the only one who has faced significant challenges to its business throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. The Corona Virus forced closures and brought Hollywood to a near standstill. The massive furlough of its employees nearly bankrupt them.

“The remaining AMC locations will open after we get further clearance from state and local authorities that it is safe to do so.” This was themessage the company sent in an email distributed to AMC A-List members.

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On The Brinks of Bankruptcy

The national theater chain’s revenue vanished during their second quarter of business. AMC watched their earnings fall by 96%-99%. AMC explained how June nearly bankrupted them. Prior to the pandemic they had racked up more than $4.75 billion in debt after upgrading many of its theaters with luxury seating. They even acquired Carmike and Odeon, formerly known as their competitors. By reaching a deal with their creditors through 2021, is the lifeline that will keep sustain them for now.

AMC is now banking on big blockbuster titles that were delayed over the summer to push ticket sales during the fall. However, the aftermath of the pandemic shutdown has the theater looking at a 22% drop in its stock.

Is It Safe?

“The emphasis has now shifted from ‘should I get butter on my popcorn?’ to ‘are the proper safety protocols in place?’ People want to go back, but they want to feel safe and secure and theaters will do everything they can to ensure a positive perception of the experience by the moviegoer. ”

The trip to the movies you previously experienced before will be quite different. The company reassured its members through email that they “can expect continuous extra cleaning and disinfecting of high traffic areas.” They plan to have no shortage of disinfectant wipes and hand sanitizer, which will be available throughout the theaters.  The company also claims it will use “high-tech HEPA vacuums” and “upgraded MERV 13 air filters wherever possible .”

The theater chain AMC has been preparing for months to get movie goers back through those doors by updating cleaning protocols. What you will see is contactless payments, social distancing along with mandatory mask policies.

“The safety of our customers and staff has and will continue to be our top priority. So, if public health guidance changes, we will continue to follow their lead and accommodate their recommendations accordingly, said Mooky Greidinger, CEO of Cineworld.”

Is it enough being done to get you to visit the theaters again real soon? What enhancements would you need to see to go check out a new release in the theater? Let me know in the comments below.

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