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A Major Headache: Jonathan Majors Legal Drama

A Major Headache: Jonathan Majors’ Legal Drama has Hollywood reckoning with the allegations of assault. As details emerge, all eyes are on Creed III actor Jonathan Majors. A few days ago, much to everyone’s surprise, TMZ hit us with a headline that said, “Jonathan Majors Arrested in NYC for Assaulting Woman Rep: He’s Done Nothing Wrong.”

What Allegedly Happened? 

According to the victim (Majors girlfriend), they got into an argument while in a taxi returning home from a bar in Brooklyn. The girlfriend saw another woman texting Majors and confronted him, trying to sneak a peek at his phone. This upset Majors; he allegedly grabbed her hand, slapped her, and put his hands around her neck. They spent the night separately, and the girlfriend went to the police the following morning.

The initial reaction is to wait for details to drop and not form an opinion off on assumptions because these are significant allegations. Not that any of us know Jonathan Majors, and purposefully he doesn’t make it easy since he doesn’t have social media. It still seems out of pocket for him to do this with his star literally rising into notoriety before our eyes. Either way being a celebrity doesn’t make him any less of a flawed human. Innocent or not, the timing is egregiously bad. He’s in an industry that is quick to close doors on people, and if it wasn’t obvious, he’s also a black man in the industry, so this could potentially do more than blemish his record if not proven innocent. We live in a world where people love to see your success, but then some want to see your demise. 

What Now?

It’s the waiting game for us all! Jonathan’s lawyer Priya Chaudhry declares his innocence. Priya has said there is footage from the cab ride, witness statements, and even the alleged victim recanting her allegations that will clear his name. 

Right now, we’re all that tense face emoji 😬 as we wait it out, including Jonathan, who is due back in court in May. We want the evidence revealed to prove his innocents, but also, we’re nosey. The industry is waiting to see how to proceed with future projects. 

Around the same time this story broke, the Army released a new ad campaign featuring Jonathan Majors. The point is to get more recruitment for the Army bc numbers are low. They have since yanked the ads and are waiting to see how this plays out. We can all understand why. They don’t want to do anything too hasty.


Though this movie isn’t currently affected since it has time before it drops, Searchlight announced a release date in December for Magazine Dreams, a film about a bodybuilder gripped by ambition, toxic masculinity, and violence starring Jonathan majors. 

Yes, I’m sure people will somehow draw a connection between this case and that movie because that’s what the internet does. Still, regardless of the outcome, this negative attention could affect the viewing of this movie because it seems like there might be some form of assault in it. 

Jonathan Majors as Kang

Let’s not forget Jonathan Majors is in the MCU, a Disney IP, and they don’t play about how a person’s image affects their brand. So I know their tense because Kang is a significant story plot.

Currently, he has five projects in pre-production, according to his IMDB. Two of them are Marvel properties. So yeah, there’s that. 

In Conclusion

Hollywood is a very F’ed up place with its diabolical secrets and tragedies, but this still doesn’t stop it from operating like it doesn’t. Therefore they do hold a lot of the cards. Many of us want to believe Jonathan Majors is innocent and continue to see much more from this talented man. Therefore as more details continue to come out, we hope it will clean up any doubt Hollywood or any other person may have about the integrity of his character. 

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