4 Effective Prayer Guides to Recite While Angry

Staying close to your faith can be extremely difficult these days, especially if quarantine restrictions haven’t been lifted in your area.

Many of us have experienced bottled up emotions due to recent turmoil in the news. Feelings of grief, anger, and resentment towards outside influences have left people wondering “when will hope come”?

Sadly enough, it may be a while before Sunday service resumes normal activity. But what do we do in the meantime when negative emotions arise?

We pray!

If you’re a little weary of how to pray while angry, here are a few effective prayer guides used as a model to focus your energy into positive invocation.

Prayer When Angry With a Loved One

When you are going through a rough patch with a loved one, be careful of the words that you speak while upset. In the midst of chaos be an avenue of peace.

God, I am so angry right now. I am disappointed with my ____________(spouse, child(-ren), boss, friend, etc.). Help me to not ignore this feeling. And, help me to name my anger in the context of this relationship so that it can serve me in every way possible, not suppressing it or pretending it’s not there.

In Your holy name, Amen.

Prayer When Grieving and Angry

The coronavirus has left many families mourning sudden deaths of family and friends. This can be a troubling emotion to process without the help of the lord.

Oh God, You know me. I am angry that ______ (name) has died. I know death comes unexpectedly or when anticipated, and I am angry right now because I long for this person. I have a hole in my heart. Hold me as I feel this.

In your comforting name, Amen.

coronavirus death

Prayer When Hope Is Not In Sight

Humbling yourself at the heels of God is a tranquil experience while angry. Remember that there is more life to be lived and that this too shall pass.

God of our Lord Jesus Christ, I am angry that what I had hoped for did not happen. I was so sure that You blessed this. I am lost right now. Teach me what to do. Hold me even as I am angry. Guide me to eventually pick up the pieces of what’s been broken.

In Your name, Amen

Prayer When an Employment Opportunity Evaporates

With unemployment rates continuing to rise, we’re in an uncertain time where finances aren’t being met.

Dear God, I don’t think it’s fair that I  ______ (insert related situation) job. I had prepared myself, had great interviews and got good feedback from the interviewers. Now, I’ve been told that someone else got the position! I am angry right now; it feels like I have to start all over. Show me how I can express this anger and not bottle it up inside.

In Your name, Amen

When all else fails, never forget to call on God to ease your heart, despite being furious of current circumstances. If He brought you through it, He will see you through it.

Stay blessed.

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