Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants In Hot Weather
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02 Nov

In our modern world where guys have rompers and women who do not do ballet wear leotards, it feels almost comical to think in a galaxy not too far, far away, there were such strict dress codes put in place. If you have the flexibility, you might have done quite a bit of traveling. If you are like me, one of the infatuations of traveling is experiences the different fashions in different cities and cultures. As ominous as it might sound, for most of our human history men and women wore dresses, of some shape form or fashion. It was not until the emergence of horseback riding was the trouser fashioned.

Church Clothes 101
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09 Sep

Come as you are is the invitation of many churches nowadays but very often I think that is lost in translation. In it’s most original form I believe it was the breaking down of tradition and dogma that resided in doilies and oversized skirts for women. “Church clothes” usually were thought of as your Sunday outfit to be worn for the chore of going to church. It was sort of like your work uniform, and the kids only went so they would not get in trouble. (Insert the Marshawn Lynch clip!)



When Prayer is Not Enough - A Preacher's Response to High School Shootings

Bullets ricocheted off of each locker – each pelt of the metal echoed across the crowded hallways. Each scream, each whisper, each plea for mercy echoed within that small space. We can turn the channel. We can turn a blind eye. However, we can’t stop the questions – we can’t stop the gnawing at our souls that dares us to do more than simply say a quick prayer and add a somber social media status. We’re challenged by their stories and we’re changed by their lives. Or are we?

Peopledelphia: What a time to be from Philly

Have you or have you not heard? Heard what? About the Bird, everyone knows that the Bird is the word! Yes, Philadelphia is flying pretty high right now, with its Superbowl Champion Eagles!

How to avoid a Valentine’s day to regret

It’s Valentine’s Day. SO STAY WOKE! People creeping, they gon buy you chocolate and try to catch you sleeping. So stay woke!  For many people, this is an important day. A time to show how much you really care. Thousands of proposals will take place, millions of dollars at the box office will be made and more flowers sold than any other two holidays combined!

Koryn Hawthorne: From The Voice To Her Voice

Many people may recognize Koryn Hawthorne as the songbird from the hit singing competition The Voice. She has sung alongside people like Adam Levin and partnered on music with the likes of Pharrell. But her voice was found long before that. We had the distinct pleasure to have an exclusive interview with the this rising star, who is ready to cement her name in the music industry. The girl can flat out saaannng! But there is so much behind the singing, the voice and the smile. Read on, introducing to some and reintroducing to others, Koryn Hawthorne…

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