The Blessing in every break up
by: Cherisse Cannon

09 Nov

The Gifts in Heartbreak

Moschino x H&M collection review
by: Bianca Portillo

09 Nov

Moschino x H&M Review

10 things to consider before you propose
by: Dante Moore

08 Nov

Fellas, it’s time to review the 10 things to do before you propose, so sit back and relax as we examine what you should before popping the big question!

5 Reason Why You’re Not Getting a Second Date
by: Colleen Batchelder

05 Aug

Alex Hitchens said it best, “No game. No guile. No girl.” Hitch hit the big screen and inspired men to raise their game and get the girl. However, fast-forward to 2018, and we’re stuck in a junior high montage of fearful men and confused women. I’ve seen too many male friends struggle to break through the friend zone and get to the next level. However, they’re stuck, because they keep repeating the same mistakes hoping for different results. This is why I’ve decided to present you with a formula – 21stdating rules that will get you the girl. In this article you’ll find 5 reasons why you’re striking out in the dating sphere and winning at the friendzone. If you’ve been crushing on your best friend, coworker or barista on E 59thstreet, then take notes, because I’ll get you to the point where women actually want to date you and not just give you a fake number. I want you to graduate past group hangouts and actually take that crush on that moonlit stroll. Here are my 5 Reasons Why You’re Not Getting a Second Date. Memorize them, write them down and make them a part of your daily habit.

5 movies that are too perfect to be remade
by: Dion Ringgold

23 Jun

Hollywood is either playing it safe or fresh out of ideas because every year we are presented with a hand full of remakes. Many of them unwarranted, unwanted and end up being flat out disappointing. The only thing worse than a bad remake is a bad remake to a classic that should have never been touch in the first place.  You do not see Nike reinventing the swoosh. You do not see Ihop changing from pancakes to something like burgers… Hold up real quick someone just text me.



Taraji Goes Vegan and Here's Why

I believe that we are reminded of our humanity during those times when we come face to face with our own personal health challenges.

Harper's Bazaar Celebrates Three Red Table Talk Queens

In just a few short months Red Table Talk as taken the world by storm by way of Facebook Watch.

Rock Star Moments from Michelle’s ‘Becoming’ Tour

In the last quarter of 2018 Former First Lady Michelle Obama set the world on fire with the release of her book, Becoming on November 13, 2018.

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