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by: Dion Ringgold

14 Nov

The 2016 Rio Olympics were historic!! From the representation of black and brown girls to the dominance of the same, especially in the gymnastic field. Some names that may stick out to you are Gabby Douglas, Simone Blies and Laurie Hernandez. It was an incredible display of perfection and poise. 
Team USA was surely well represented, but even more represented were every black and brown girl around the globe for they had just witness a breakthrough.  We had the distinct pleasure of sitting down to talk with Gold medalist Laurie Hernandez as we go over this entire journey she has embarked upon, the balance the breaking and the breakthrough, read on…spoiler Alert you may learn, you may laugh but if nothing else you will find out why we are flipping over Laurie Hernandez and you will too.

by: admin

01 Nov

Landing your first job after college is an amazing experience! You’re making more money than you probably ever have in your life, you’re transitioning into adulthood and you’re beginning to pave your career path for your future. With all those great things happening, working for a company or organization can begin to get complicated. There are chains of commands and more than likely you are at the bottom of that chain because you are just starting out. So how do you maintain your identity and your voice in your job?